“A compact tale that quickly hooks the reader with its fast-moving action and revealing cultural insights.  It evokes times and places with a flair.  Eisenbraun acquaints us with familiar cities of South Asia and East Africa but also with such exotic locales as Kashmir and Lamu Island, off the coast of Kenya.  As the principal narrator, Scott is a journalist endowed with curiosity that uncovers great stories regarding historic events but also leads to nail-biting adventures, from encounters with threatening water buffalo to political intrigue.  It reflects the assurance of a writer with experience to know whereof he speaks.  And all of that set against a poignant romance makes this a memorable journey and satisfying page turner.”

Jerome Hoganson

Veteran Foreign Service Officer & Refugee Program Director

“It was fun to be transported back to Mombasa with all the hustle and bustle…There was a definite sense of “place” that we especially liked, from the Club to the Old Town…and the feeling of threat in the weather—who could forget those black clouds massing and the oppressive heat?  All the settings were good and plot twists exciting!

Janet and David Kite, British residents of

Mombasa, Kenya, in the 1980s.

“An American diplomat’s nostalgic reverie into the past of postings in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Kenya. The story escalates into a catching modern odyssey of cross-cultural romance, political events, and the decisive coming of age of South Asian women.  Eisenbraun weaves a delicate tale through Scott, the journalist, and Rakhi, the sultry, attractive Indian banker.  A pleasurable, magnetic read.”

Shahnaz Wazir Ali, Women’s Rights Activist, Pakistan

“From South Asia to East Africa to London — a page-turning international romance sizzling and then unraveling against a backdrop of aircraft hijackings, failed military coups, the burning of a US Embassy, and the abduction of the Indian heroine. Eisenbraun writes a culturally sensitive account of the military and political brass he met and the adventures he experienced while in the Foreign Service but through the eyes of a foreign correspondent. His sharply observed stories will appeal to all lovers of travel, ‘inter-cultural’ affairs of the heart, and foreign intrigue. A woman-friendly book that delves into the pros and cons of marrying a foreigner, living abroad, and balancing marriage with professional ambitions.”

Roberta Cohen, Specialist in human rights and humanitarian issues (whose 

career has spanned the United Nations, the State Department, think tanks, 

NGOs, and academia)